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1. JEAN-BAPTISTE VUILLAUME, Paris, c.1855, Certificate by Wm. Moennig & Son, Philadelphia, Insurance letter by Jacques Francais, New York, (Our #32539) INQUIRE
2. JOSEPH PANORMO, London, c.1825, Certificates by W. E. Hill & Sons, London, & Florian Leonhard, London, as the work of Joseph Panormo, 736mm (Our #29898) INQUIRE
3. CHARLES HARRIS, Woodstock/London, 1817, The very fine work of Charles Harris, Jr., Certificate by Wm. Moennig & Son, Philadelphia, 764 (Our #31338) INQUIRE
4. JOHANN CHRISTOPH LEIDOLFF, Vienna, 1753, a well preserved Viennese cello in the Stainer tradition, Certificate by Reuning & Son, Boston, 748mm (Our #32317) INQUIRE
5. NICOLAS AUGUSTIN CHAPPUY, Paris, c.1775, Set up as a Baroque cello, 674 (Our #32349) INQUIRE
6. RAFFAELE & ANTONIO GAGLIANO, Naples, 1845, a rare child's size Gagliano cello in a very pure state of preservation, length of back 662mm (26- 1/16"), string length: 628mm (24-3/4"), 662mm (Our #22789) INQUIRE
7. ETIENNE LAPREVOTTE, Marseille/Paris, 1838, Laprevotte was from Marseilles, and worked mostly in Paris until 1857, 754mm (Our #32257) INQUIRE
8. JOHANN SCHORN, Salzburg, c.1720, the wonderful work of this early Salzburg maker with a stunning lion's head scroll, now restored to Baroque condition, 728mm (Our #22738) INQUIRE
9. GUY RABUT, 1995, 758mm (Our #31376) $40,000.
10. PAOLO VETTORI, 2019, A model after a Parma period G. B. Guadagnini, the back and ribs of pearwood, the table of spruce aged over 20 years, with the very comfortable back length of 711mm combined with a full string length; Certificate from the maker, 711mm (Our #32752) HOLD
11. PIETER ROMBOUTS, ATTRIBUTED TO, Amsterdam, c.1700, expertly cut-down from a larger size, with a nicely restored crack to the back; bearing a Hendrik Jacobs label, certificate by R & M Millant, Paris, attributing it to the work of Pieter Rombouts of Amsterdam, the scroll probably by Andreas Castagneri of Paris circa 1740, 741mm (Our #29896) $40,000.
12. AMEDEE DIEUDONNE, Mirecourt, 1948, in a particularly fine state of preservation, 756mm (Our #32203) $38,000.
13. NATALE CARLETTI, Bologna, 1950, poplar back and ribs, a nicely repaired & hardly noticed restored soundpost crack to the back, 753mm (Our #27960) $35,000.
14. JOHANN GEORG HELLMER, Prague, c.1750, 750mm (Our #32066) $35,000.
15. GAETANO PARESCHI II, Piacenza, c.1968, by Gaetano Pareschi II, 746mm (Our #25101) $30,000.
16. CHRISTOPHER JACOBY, 2016, a Domenico Montagnana model with stunning varnish & extraordinarily handsome wood, string length 689mm, 740mm (Our #31525) $22,000.
17. FERNANDO ARICHI, Cremona, 2001, a nice quality Stradivari model from a graduate of the violin making school in Cremona, 752mm (Our #26352) $20,000.
18. SAMUEL PAYTON, Philadelphia, 2010, a handmade Ruggieri model cello with nice full proportions and strong sound, 732mm (Our #29638) $18,000.
19. FRANCOIS HIPPOLYTE CAUSSIN, Neufchateau, c.1860, a full and large proportioned model, a fine and characteristic work of this maker with a beautiful slab-cut maple back, 741mm (Our #32558) $18,000.
20. SCOTTISH, Aberdeen, c.1790-1840, possibly the work of George Thompson or that of Thomas Jamieson, 750mm (Our #26753) $18,000.
21. ERNST HEINRICH ROTH, Markneukirchen, c.1925, 768mm (Our #31997) $18,000.
22. GERMAN, c.1930s, a very nice Montagnana model cello, probably German circa 1930, with attractive wood of broad curl, 748 mm (Our #28405) $15,000.
23. JOHN BURDETTE, Merchantville, 2009, this maker's Stradivari model with strong resonance and articulation, string length 687mm, 738mm (Our #30946) $15,000.
24. OTTO GERMANY, Bubenreuth, Germany, 2018, Stradivarius model, two piece back., 755mm (Our #32264) $13,500.
25. RAINER LEONHARDT, Mittenwald, 2001, an attractively wooded & robust Montagnana model from a master workshop in Mittenwald, excellent condition, certificate from Wm. Moennig & Son, 742mm (Our #29976) $11,000.
26. ROMAN TELLER, 2013, (Our #32166) $9,000.
27. CRACOVIA WORKSHOP, Poland, 2007, in the style of J. B. Guadagnini, string length 689mm, 736mm (Our #31187) $8,500.
28. JULIUS HEBERLEIN, Markneukirchen, c.1900, labeled: Julius Heberlein's Maggini/ Manufactured for Oliver Ditson Company/ Boston, New York, and Philadelphia, 754mm (Our #32299) $7,500.
29. MITTENWALD SCHOOL, Germany, c.1970s, labeled: Giancarlo Giordani/ di Napoli. Anno 1957, 756mm (Our #32435) $7,000.
30. GLOBAL, China, New, a Stradivari model with very attractive wood and varnish and a strong clear sound, 756mm (Our #32244) $6,000.
31. J. BAPTISTE LEMOINE, Belgium, 1999, very handsome wood, with a well repaired 4" soundpost crack to the back, otherwise in nearly new condition, 760mm (Our #32172) $5,000.
32. GLOBAL, China, 2019, A Stradivari model cello with comfortable proportions, a very attractive varnish and full sound. The is the Global Violins Model 500 instrument, a modern instrument made in China. The two-piece quarter sawn maple back is of medium curl descending from the center joint. The maple ribs are of similar curl, and the maple head is of plain grain. The two-piece spruce table is of medium to fine grain, and the varnish is a golden amber color over a pale yellow ground. The length of back is 760mm., 760 (Our #32645) $4,850.
33. IVAN DUNOV, Romania, NEW, 764mm (Our #32648) $3,500.
34. REMBERT WURLITZER, MADE FOR, Mittenwald, 1950s, 3/4-size, labelled: Made in MITTENWALD for REMBERT WURLIZTER/ New York; (length of back:27-1/8"), 689mm (Our #22372) $2,500.
35. GUNTHER PRAGER, 2002, 3/4-size Matteo Gofriller model, 693 (Our #32239) $2,500.
36. KARL HOFNER, Bubenreuth, Germany, 1965, a decent though plain-looking older solid wood full-size student cello in excellent condition, 757mm (Our #25382) $1,750.